Callaway Big Bertha Driver

callaway-epic-drivers This product was released in the United States in the 14th of March, 2014. The retail price of this Callaway golf product is pegged at three hundred twenty nine (399) dollars. Future Z Shaft is the Stock Shaft of this product. Customers of this product may choose from a variety of paint fill and body color options. In addition, customers may also choose to add sole engravings (through laser) according to their desired customization.


One of the best things about Big Bertha Driver is its lightweight, but high strength composite material that is forged. In addition, this golf product can also be adjusted in a multitude of forms while keeping the swing weight level at D2 and the head weight level at two hundred grams. This will be very beneficial to golf players who want to swing faster, lower, and stronger without any sacrifice on control.


CG Bias Adjustment is another advantage of the Big Bertha Driver-

This means that the golf players enabled to easily adjust the CG Bias in order to optimize the shot shape of every golf swing. This will give the golf player a lot of flexibility in terms of the head weight and the shot shape.


Another good thing about Big Bertha Driver is its Advanced Hostel that can be easily adjustable. This will be beneficial to golf players because it will enable them to lie angle and adjust the loft levels at any time. In fact, by using Big Bertha Driver, Callaway golf players can optimize the launching angle by choosing from a variety of lofts (between negative one to positive two). In addition, golf players can make fully optimize the directional bias of their swings by switching the lies from Draw (denoted by D) and Neutral (denoted by N). In other words, golf players can choose from 8 unique combinations of launching angles (loft) and directional bias (lie). This will enable golf players to make the dispersion and distance of their swings very efficient.


Another advantage of Big Bertha Driver as opposed to other golf clubs in the market is its unique face speed (hyper). This is a direct result of the endless research and studies conducted by Callaway on the probability of a golfer’s location of impact per swing and the determination of the proper size of the profile of a golf club face. The outcome is a golf club face that is very robust, lightweight and effective. In this way, a golfer will swing the ball with more power and speed.

And last but not the least another advantage of Callaway golf Big Bertha Driver is its perimeter weighting-

CallawayThis unique and exciting feature can be easily adjusted by the gold player to enable him to efficiently control dispersion and the shot shape. In addition, this adjustable perimeter weighting gives the golf club high levels of MOI. In this way, the swing of a golf player has high levels of accuracy and speed even on off-the-center impacts.


The Big Bertha Driver has been branded as a Total Performance Driver (TPD). What does Total Performance Driver mean? To put it simply, a TPD is a club that enables a golf player to have the perfect balance between control, dispersion, power and speed. This means that TPD golf club is specifically designed for adjustability (to make the shot shape and shot trajectory very efficient) while providing high levels of performance on off center impacts.


As such, the Callaway golf Big Bertha Driver is perfect not only for newbie’s but also to those golf players who already have spent years playing the game.


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